Our Philosophy

Utmost customer and employee satisfaction is the mainspring that drives us. Our work atmosphere is marked by trust, humour, cheerfulness and mutual appreciation. Our employees are deeply motivated and put our declared reliability, flexibility, quality and profitability goals into action every day. An extraordinarily high proportion of customer relations spanning over a decade and our low employee turnover rate with team members staying with us for many years confirm the value of our corporate culture.

Nothing works without a spring

When people talk about the most important invention by mankind, it usually revolves around the wheel. But can you imagine a day without springs? Every switch contains a spring, as do the contact elements of every socket. Every lock comprises several springs. There are springs in every battery or power pack operated device. Without springs, we would have to make do without any of our much-loved electronic devices. Acknowledging these facts also means realising that most everyday items would be entirely useless without springs or spring elements. It’s fair to say that the spring easily tops the wheel.

Swiss quality standards and production

Our spring and wire parts production is backed by state-of-the-art production facilities. To ensure that we are always at the cutting edge, we also cooperate closely with market leader Wafios AG. Our exchange with the machinery manufacturer facilitates continuous improvement and consistent high quality standards at all times.

Springs for all industry sectors

We are proud to announce that virtually no industry or sector can make do without the springs we offer. Applications for our springs ranges from simple DIY projects through delicate medical technology to high-precision applications in astronautics or nuclear engineering. From mechanical engineering, construction, the chemical industry, medical technology, automotive engineering, packaging technology, the food industry aeronautics to all other fields that rely on springs – you can count on us and our expertise.

Don’t hesitate to test us with your technical challenge! We would love to cushion your blow and bend your order into shape.